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As a pioneering digital-friendly lab, Nexus Dental Laboratory aims to make the transition to digital workflows simple, cost-effective, and efficient. We strive to eliminate wasted visits and chair time for our surgery partners and their patients. Our lab is fully digital, which means we do not charge any additional costs for printed models, and we loan analogues with each case to maximize cost efficiency and simplify pricing. We were one of the first laboratories to go fully digital almost eight years ago, and we continue to lead the way in digital dentistry.

About Us

At Nexus Dental Laboratory, we are dedicated to revolutionising the dental industry with our cutting-edge restorative solutions and streamlined workflows. 

Our ultimate goal is to eliminate unnecessary surgery time while delivering unparalleled efficiency and innovation. By leveraging the latest technologies and materials, we strive to exceed patient expectations and provide the highest levels of satisfaction.

Our Mission

Eliminate wasted surgery time and help your practice run more smoothly by streamlining the restorative process and minimising the need for unnecessary appointments.
Offer efficient workflows and innovative restorative solutions: Our cutting-edge technologies and materials allow us to provide the most efficient and effective solutions to our clients.
Use the latest technologies and materials to enhance patient satisfaction,  offering the highest standards and optimal outcomes.
Our Story

Digital Innovation & Expert Craftsmanship

From our inception in 2015, Nexus Dental Laboratory has embraced a fully digital workflow to enhance our effectiveness in delivering excellent dental solutions to our surgery partners. 

Our team, led by Steve Campbell RDT FCGDent and Iain Baldwin RDT, has rapidly become a globally recognised centre for innovation and education in digital workflows, using the latest materials and techniques.

We are proud to lead a new generation of passionate dental technicians who have an intense ambition to ensure that we make the complex world of digital workflows understandable and easy to adopt. 

With many years of analogue knowledge behind us, we know where to make the most effective use of the latest technology and materials to streamline the surgery and patient journey. 

We know the value of optimal surgery chair time and aim to eliminate unnecessary patient visits.

Providing Visual

Our lab offers a variety of optimised digital workflows, including digital smile diagnostic services, dental implant restorations, crown & bridge solutions, implant guide design & production, direct print services, and Lucitone digital copy dentures. 

Each service is designed to offer innovative solutions that enhance patient satisfaction and streamline the workflow process eliminating lost chair time.
Why Digital

Game-Changing Benefits of Digital Dentistry

Digital dentistry offers numerous benefits to both dental clinics and their patients. By utilising digital scans and 3D models, procedures can be performed more accurately and efficiently, leading to improved patient outcomes with less chair-time and fewer visits. 

Patients can also enjoy greater comfort and convenience, as digital scans eliminate the need for uncomfortable impression materials. 

Furthermore, digital dentistry can help reduce costs by eliminating the need for expensive physical models, while improving communication between dental teams and patients. 

Optimised digital workflows are game-changing and greatly benefit any dental clinic looking to improve its procedures and patient experience.

Accuracy & efficiency

Digital dentistry creates 3D models for planning surgeries and offering unique restorative solutions.

Comfort & convenience

Digital dentistry eliminates uncomfortable impression materials for patients.

Reduced costs

Digital dentistry eliminates expensive physical models, saving costs for surgery and patients.

Improved patient outcomes

Digital dentistry helps plan surgeries accurately, leading to better results and fewer visits.

What our clients say

Our longstanding collaboration with Nexus Dental Lab has been instrumental in the success of our practice. Nexus Dental Lab's unwavering commitment to quality, innovative technology, and exceptional customer service has allowed us to deliver the best possible outcomes for our patients. 

Their team of skilled professionals has consistently provided us with outstanding support, always with a friendly and collaborative attitude. We are particularly impressed with their use of cutting-edge technology and their willingness to incorporate new advancements into their work. It has been a pleasure to partner with Nexus Dental Lab and share our collective expertise on international stages when presenting lectures and courses.
Dr Martin Wanendeya
Ten Dental
General Dental Council
Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency
Dental Laboratories Association
British Dental Technology
3Shape Trios Ready
Dental Appliance Manufacturers Audit System
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