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Cutting Edge Technology

Nexus Dental Laboratory is a pioneering dental laboratory that has been leading the way in digital dentistry since its inception in 2015. Our team of highly skilled technicians is dedicated to providing our surgery partners with cutting-edge digital workflows and restorative solutions to meet each patient's unique needs.

We are a global KOL group and development team for many international partners, which means we always have access to the latest materials and production technology. Our goal is to eliminate wasted surgery time and provide efficient workflows and innovative solutions for our clients.
Our team prides itself on using cutting-edge technology to enhance our clients' experience. From our advanced lab portal that allows clients to track their cases, see their invoices, and pay online, to our web viewer that enables surgeons to see their case designs in detail and communicate effectively with our team, we strive to make working with the lab as easy and convenient as possible. 

We are also working with partners to seamlessly integrate AI-driven design and validation systems into our daily workflows, which has the potential to revolutionise dentistry and improve treatment outcomes.


Eliminate wasted surgery time: Our mission is to help dental surgeries run more smoothly by streamlining the restorative process and minimising the need for unnecessary appointments.
Offer efficient workflows and innovative restorative solutions: Our cutting-edge technologies and materials allow us to provide the most efficient and effective solutions to our clients.
We use the latest technologies and materials to enhance patient satisfaction, offering the highest standards and optimal outcomes.

Industry Leading Team

We believe that the most critical factor in delivering superior solutions is our highly skilled team that utilises the latest technology. That's why we invest in our team's skills and training, and many of our members train and teach advanced techniques worldwide. 

Our reputation as a trusted development team has also earned us the privilege of being selected as a testing and research partner by some of the industry's most advanced global partners.
Our industry-leading team of experts and experienced professionals has access to cutting-edge resources and technology, and we work closely with our global partners to stay ahead of the curve. Plus, our positive work environment and benefits package help us attract and retain the very best talent. 

If you want to achieve your goals and grow your business, choosing Nexus Dental Laboratory is the clear choice.

Standardised Quality Management System

Outstanding Quality, Usability and Traceability
At Nexus Dental Laboratory, we are DAMAS registered, which ensures that we meet all of our clients' CQC and corporate compliance needs. We use an advanced lab system to ensure that all of our cases have the best possible standard of traceability. 

Our highly skilled dental technicians are GDC registered and hand finish restorations to ensure the highest quality and consistency.

We believe that our dedication to utilising the latest technology, our industry-leading team, and our commitment to quality make us the best choice for all of your digital dentistry needs.
Quality Management
DAMAS registered for CQC and corporate compliance needs.
Advanced Lab System
Traceability for high-quality and consistent restorations.
Industry-Leading Team
Latest technology and commitment to quality for all digital dentistry needs.
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