Hidden Costs Draining Your Dental Practice? Potentially Reclaim Thousands with a Free Energy Review

Claim Back Mis-Sold Gas & Electric Costs For Your Dental Lab Or Practice (1120 x 630 px)
February 20, 2024
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In the competitive world of dental labs and practices, rising costs can threaten your success. But what if a hidden expense has been silently eroding your profits? Recent investigations reveal a widespread issue: 9 out of 10 dental businesses in the UK might be overpaying for energy due to unfair contracts.*

Mis-selling by energy brokers and suppliers has led to countless dental practices unknowingly locked into inflated contracts. This can drain significant resources, impacting your ability to invest in equipment, staff, and patient care.

Dental Energy Claims offers a free and confidential review to assess your eligibility for reclaiming overcharged funds. Their team of specialists works on a no-win, no-fee basis, meaning you only pay if they successfully recover money for you.

The average reclaim amount is a staggering £99,000, a sum that can breathe new life into your practice. This recovered capital can be used to improve facilities, invest in technology, or simply provide financial security during challenging times.

Don't let hidden costs hold you back. Take five minutes to visit www.dentalenergy.co.uk and register for your free energy review. Reclaim what's rightfully yours and ensure your practice continues to thrive.

We at Nexus Dental are not affiliated with Dental Energy Claims, but we believe in empowering our community with information that can make a difference. If this news resonates with you or if you're curious about the potential impact on your business, we encourage you to take a moment to explore further.

*OFGEM released a report on 28th March 2022 confirming UK businesses have been mis-sold.

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