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The Pulse, Episode 2: The Value of Time & The Role of Technology

Nexus Dental Laboratory · Episode 2. The Value of Time & The Role of Technology Deciphering the Digital Dentistry Landscape: Time, Tech, and a Touch of Humour Greetings, esteemed dental aficionados! 🦷 In the ever-evolving realm of dentistry, have you ever pondered the true value of time amidst the cascade of technological advancements? Or, during […]

The Pulse, Episode 1: The Power of Collaboration with Exoplan v3.1 Rijeka

Nexus Dental Laboratory · The Power of Collaboration with Exoplan Nexus Dental Laboratory Introduces "Barrymore" - Revolutionising Dental Education With a Touch of Humour At Nexus, we have a track record of firsts. We've consistently shown our dedication to the continued advancement of digital dentistry, and we were one of the first laboratories to go […]

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