The Pulse, Episode 2: The Value of Time & The Role of Technology

Episode 2. The Value of Time & The Role of Technology
August 16, 2023
  |   by
Hugo Sousa

Deciphering the Digital Dentistry Landscape: Time, Tech, and a Touch of Humour

Greetings, esteemed dental aficionados! 🦷

In the ever-evolving realm of dentistry, have you ever pondered the true value of time amidst the cascade of technological advancements? Or, during a brief coffee respite, contemplate the most efficient ways to integrate new tools into your practice. Allow us to provide some clarity with just the right sprinkle of fun.

Our latest episode of 'The Pulse' offers a thought-provoking look into these quandaries.

Guided by the astute (and occasionally cheeky) AI, Barrymore, we explore the delicate balance between time, technology, and the art of dentistry.

Expect revelations on the importance of directing attention in a data-saturated world, the potential pitfalls of chasing the 'latest and greatest' in tech, and a candid look at how Nexus Dental is revolutionising the field.

And, as a little teaser: ever wondered why dentists and manicurists might be at odds? Barrymore has a theory, and it's bound to elicit a chuckle.

So, set aside your dental tools and coffee cups, and prepare for an enlightening exploration that promises knowledge and a smile.

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