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Nexus Dental's CEO, Steve Campbell, Takes the Stage as Programme Chair at the DS Implant Solutions World Summit

Hello, I'm Steve Campbell, CEO of Nexus Dental. I am incredibly honoured and excited to announce that I have been invited to be a Programme Chair at the upcoming Dentsply Implant Solutions World Summit in Athens, Greece. This prestigious event gathers world-leading experts in implant dentistry, where attendees can explore cutting-edge science, the latest innovations […]

From Ceramist to CAD Designer: Magdalena Kotula's Inspiring Journey

We are always proud to showcase the exceptional talent of our team members. Today, we're excited to share an inspiring feature about one of our own, Magdalena Kotula, profiled in a recent dentistry article. The story, "Creative Ceramist to Empowered CAD Designer," delves into Magdalena's transformative journey in the dental lab industry. Hailing from Krakow, […]


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