Celebrating Our New Leaders at Nexus Dental Digital Lab

Celebrating Our New Leaders at Nexus Dental Digital Lab
May 3, 2024
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Hugo Sousa

I am thrilled to announce some exciting changes in our Nexus Dental Digital Lab team. These changes not only underline our commitment to excellence but also highlight the remarkable contributions of women in dentistry.

A Fresh Chapter Begins with Amanda Brown

Amanda Brown, a 5-year veteran of our team, has been appointed our new Laboratory Manager. Amanda's journey with us, which began as an Operations Manager, has been marked by her unique blend of leadership and dedication, making her a true asset to our team. 

Having previously excelled as our Operations Manager, she brings experience and a proven track record of impeccable management skills to her new role. 

As Laboratory Manager, Amanda will oversee the intricacies of all cases passing through the lab, ensuring seamless operations across various departments. Her leadership is pivotal in maintaining our high standards and ensuring every client consistently receives the best possible outcome.

Melanie Kelly Steps Up as Operations Manager

Melanie has been promoted to Operations Manager in tandem with Amanda's new role. Melanie will lead direct case tracking and client liaison in her new position. 

As Operations Manager, Melanie will play a pivotal role in our day-to-day operations, fostering a collaborative environment that directly links our clients and the technical teams. 

Her oversight ensures that each case is handled with utmost precision and care, reflecting our core client satisfaction and technical excellence values. 

Empowering Women in Dentistry

At Nexus, we are proud to spotlight Amanda and Melanie's leadership. They are integral to our team's growth and exemplify the potential of female professionals in a highly technical field like dentistry. 

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion in leadership roles is a powerful testament to our unwavering dedication to fostering a more equitable and just society.

Their promotions reflect their hard work and positive impact on our operations and culture.

A Vision for the Future

These leadership updates are part of our ongoing strategy to enhance the lab's structure and efficiency. As we continue to grow and evolve, I remain dedicated to assessing and refining our operations to meet our clients' changing needs. 

Under the guidance of Amanda and Melanie, I am confident in our ability to maintain the high standards of client care and quality that have always been at the forefront of our mission.

Their forward-thinking leadership and commitment to excellence drive our success and pave the way for future generations of women in dentistry.

Connect and Celebrate With Us

Remember to check out our upcoming posts, which will feature interviews, discussions, and more about the impacts Amanda and Melanie are making at the lab.

As we embark on this new chapter, let’s extend our best wishes to Amanda and Melanie as they guide Nexus Dental Digital Lab towards a bright future!

Warm regards
Steve Campbell, MD

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