The Fascinating World of Dentistry: Insights from the Web

June 15, 2023
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Hugo Sousa

In dentistry, there's always something new to learn, and the internet is a treasure trove of intriguing facts and trends. From the whimsical to the practical, here's a look at what dental clinics, surgeons, and the general public have been searching for globally.

The Tooth Fairy's Secret

One of the most endearing mysteries in the dental world revolves around the Tooth Fairy. The top question that has piqued curiosity nationwide is, "What does the Tooth Fairy do with the teeth?" While we may never know the answer, it's a delightful reminder of the magic and wonder that can surround even the most routine aspects of dental health.

A Song for Shiny Teeth

When it comes to songs about teeth, the crown goes to "My Shiny Teeth and Me" by Chip Skylark from The Fairly Odd Parents. This catchy tune has captured the hearts of listeners, proving that oral hygiene can indeed be a lyrical inspiration!

Electric Toothbrushes: A Holiday Favorite

Interestingly, search interest in electric toothbrushes spikes every December. They may be a popular stocking stuffer or a New Year's resolution tool for better dental hygiene. Either way, high-tech cleaning is on the rise.

The Gingivitis Guardian

As for gingivitis, the most searched query is whether mouthwash helps combat this common gum disease. Seeing the public's proactive approach to preventing oral health issues is encouraging.

Dental Restoration on the Rise

In a promising trend, search interest in dental restoration is higher than ever. This surge reflects the growing awareness and accessibility of solutions that restore function and aesthetics to patients' smiles.

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Is It Normal? Teeth Edition

The internet is often the first port of call for health-related questions, and dental queries are no exception. The most searched "Is it normal..." questions range from post-procedure concerns ("Is it normal for my tooth to hurt after a filling?") to developmental queries ("Is it normal to still lose teeth at 12?"). These searches highlight the need for clear, accessible information to reassure and guide patients.

The Good, the Bad, and the Teeth

The usual suspects top the list of what's bad for our teeth: coffee, hydrogen peroxide, fluoride, apple cider vinegar, and alcohol. These searches underscore the importance of patient education in maintaining oral health.

Orthodontics Uncovered

Orthodontic treatments, including braces, retainers, and clear aligners, are being searched more than ever this year in the US. The most foraged food with "can you eat … with braces" is popcorn, chips, and pizza. Orthodontic patients seem keen to enjoy their favourite snacks without disrupting their treatment!

The Colorful World of Braces

Regarding braces colours, "clear braces" have been the most searched in the US over the past month, followed by black and red. This trend shows that patients seek orthodontic solutions that blend seamlessly with their lifestyles.

Will Braces...?

Finally, the most searched "will brace..." questions reveal common concerns and misconceptions. From "Will braces fix my jaw?" to "Will braces set off airport security?" these queries highlight the need for comprehensive patient education and open communication.

In the ever-evolving field of dentistry, staying informed and engaged is vital. As we continue to learn and grow, let's keep the conversation going, one search at a time.

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