Unlocking the Next Level for Your Dental Practice

Unlocking the Next Level for Your Dental Practice
October 18, 2023
  |   by
Hugo Sousa

At Nexus, we've long been committed to spearheading change through cutting-edge technology, particularly CAD and 3D printing. This year was about meaningful transformation, as we made strategic investments to enhance our service.

Keeping Our Partners Top of Mind

We've built our reputation on uncompromising quality, swift turnarounds and genuinely personal service. So when demand outstripped capacity, we paused onboarding new clients. 

Our focus has always been on enabling our partners' success. Expanding meant an internal emphasis, as we methodically boosted capabilities across the board.

Our purpose remains unchanged – empowering practices through transformative tech.

We’ve overhauled equipment, streamlined processes and upskilled talent—every investment to enrich our offering.

Investing in Your Future

From upgrading equipment to intensive team training, we've taken purposeful steps to refine our capabilities. Why? To elevate the support we provide and help propel your practice upwards. 

Importantly, our strategic investments have come without additional costs to your practice. While many suppliers have increased pricing multiple times recently, we have focused on efficiency gains that allow us to enhance our offerings without price hikes. 

Our investments in advanced technology and expert training will benefit your practice now and into the future.

Cutting-Edge Technology 

A key focus has been revolutionising our digital print offerings for services like implant guides, splints, and custom design models. For example, we can print implant guides, splints, and 3D models for you even if they were designed through another service. 

We have upgraded our direct print capabilities to handle devices designed internally or externally. We've implemented standardised post-processing techniques and stringent quality control for these printed devices. 

The results? Enhanced precision, smoother workflows, and faster turnarounds that benefit your patients, regardless of the design source.

Automation and AI on the Horizon

And this is only the beginning. We are continuously exploring emerging technologies like AI that can drive further efficiencies and take our service capabilities to the next level. You can expect to hear more about our AI innovation down the road - all focused on adding value to your practice.

Expanded Expertise

We continuously strive to attract the brightest minds and empower them with the right skills through our intensive training programs. Our experts' specialised knowledge is the driving force behind our success. 

At the heart of our operations lies our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional support to our clients. 

We understand the significance of investing in and refining our internal procedures before onboarding new clients. This approach allows us to remain a source of inspiration and support for our valued partners.

What's Next? Achieving More by Working Together

We're keen to reconnect with existing clients and build new collaborations. Let's explore how enhancements in our capabilities can help unlock fresh potential for your practice. 

The task this year was about purposefully building capacity to serve you better. Because your growth fuels our own, let's achieve more by working hand in hand.

We would love to chat with you if you want to explore how our services can benefit your practice. Don't hesitate to reach out to us to learn more.

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