How Nexus Dental Leads in Efficiency and Innovation Amidst Rising Costs in Dentistry

Nexus Dental's Innovation & Efficiency in Dentistry Amid Rising Costs
November 24, 2023
  |   by
Hugo Sousa

I recently came across an article in The Times about the challenges facing our industry, particularly emphasising the impact of high energy bills and increased lab costs.

Dental professionals know that energy bills and lab costs are part of a larger financial puzzle; their influence is undeniably significant. It's like a chess game where we can't entirely control how our opponent moves, but we can make strategic moves ourselves.

While we might not have a say in energy prices (if only we could!), we play our part in managing lab costs effectively.

At Nexus, we're keenly aware of our significant role in this broader landscape. Recognising the weight of these costs, we have proactively taken steps to mitigate price increases, focusing on delivering value to our clients without compromising quality.

In a field where some may lose the ability to negate increasing costs due to a lack of efficiency and innovation, Nexus distinguishes itself- having entirely digitised all internal lab processes nearly nine years ago – a pioneering move at our inception.

The original article, while touching upon key issues, may not fully encapsulate the years of neglect and underfunding that our sector has experienced and other financial supply chain costs that have impacted us.

That being said, we are one of a number of labs that have anticipated and prepared for the current challenges in the dental lab sector.

For example, we recognised at an early stage the decline in skilled technicians and the resultant cost increase; we’ve strived to attract and retain top talent, ensuring continued excellence in our services.

This innovative approach has allowed us to avoid the frequent price hikes common in our industry. While others might have experienced year-on-year increases, our clients have seen a much more stable pricing structure.

I'm reaching out to you and our community to discuss how Nexus can be a stable, efficient, and innovative partner for your restorative dentistry needs.

Our expertise and unique approach allow us to offer solutions that not only meet but elevate your practice's goals, enhancing your delivery of dental care without the worry of fluctuating lab costs.

You deserve a lab partner who understands these nuances and actively works to shield your practice from market instabilities. I'm here to demonstrate how Nexus has been and continues to be that proactive partner.

Please feel free to contact me to schedule a time to talk. I'm eager to collaborate and contribute to the excellence of your restorative dentistry services, ensuring the best for your patients without the stress of unpredictable lab fees.

Warm regards,

Steve Campbell
MD, Nexus Dental Laboratory.

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