The Pulse, Episode 1: The Power of Collaboration with Exoplan v3.1 Rijeka

The Pulse, Episode 1: The Power of Collaboration with Exoplan v3.1 Rijeka
July 7, 2023
  |   by
Hugo Sousa

Nexus Dental Laboratory Introduces "Barrymore" - Revolutionising Dental Education With a Touch of Humour

At Nexus, we have a track record of firsts. We've consistently shown our dedication to the continued advancement of digital dentistry, and we were one of the first laboratories to go fully digital almost eight years ago. 

It's in our DNA to push the boundaries and redefine what's possible! 

Today, we're taking another step forward, and this time, it's into the future of dental education. Allow us to introduce 'Barrymore', our AI-driven podcast host and resident educator who - thankfully - won't be hogging the office coffee machine anytime soon.

Introducing Barrymore - The Nexus Knowledge Hub!

As a leading digital-friendly lab, we've revolutionised how dental surgeries operate and how patients are cared for. Now, we're bringing our innovative spirit to dental education.

Our latest innovation, Barrymore, is no different. He represents the bridge between advanced AI technology and our unwavering commitment to knowledge dissemination. 

The arrival of Barrymore signals our firm entry into the digital education landscape, reinforcing our position not just as a world-class digital lab but also as a world-class digital educator and information hub.

Barrymore will be the resident host of 'The Pulse,' our brand-new podcast. With a knack for sharing complex dental knowledge in an easily digestible format, Barrymore promises to take your professional development to new heights.

Who is Barrymore?

Barrymore is not just any AI - he's your friendly, well-informed, and - bonus point - coffee-machine-free podcast host. 

With a blend of cutting-edge algorithms and a touch of wit, he'll guide you through the labyrinth of dental technology, research, and innovations.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or a budding dentist, Barrymore ensures you remain up-to-date with the ever-evolving world of dentistry, one episode at a time. 

Plus, thanks to his digital nature, you can be sure he won't be contributing to long coffee breaks or office chitchat. Unless, of course, it's about the latest in dental technology!

Why Barrymore?

In a world where time is precious, we've developed Barrymore as a tool to make learning engaging, efficient, and fun!

He supports your professional development journey while ensuring your surgery time remains uncompromised. 

With Barrymore, who needs water cooler talk when you've got an AI host turning dental education into the new small talk sensation?

At Nexus Dental Laboratory, we're delighted to welcome Barrymore into our family and the wider dental community. 

While he may not be a dab hand at making a flat white with oat milk, he certainly knows how to deliver an exceptional educational experience.

We are excited to have you on this journey with us. Barrymore is just the beginning of our quest to further streamline dental care and its associated education. 

Tune into 'The Pulse' to enjoy our AI-driven educational experience and participate in our pioneering initiative.

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