Spotlight: Nexus Dental Laboratory Illuminates the Power of Strategic Partnerships

October 13, 2023
  |   by
Hugo Sousa

At Nexus Dental Laboratory, we proudly lead innovation in digital dentistry. Since the beginning, we have championed digital workflows to deliver excellent dental solutions worldwide. As pioneering adopters of digital dentistry, Nexus advances the field through strategic global collaboration.

Our mission is straightforward - provide an excellent service enabling easy digital integration. We facilitate adoption through cost-effective implementation, training, and support. This allows dental practices to smoothly transition to more efficient digital workflows and superior patient experiences.

To do this, we need to partner with the best. We are selective in choosing partners among elite global digital dentistry companies. A key partner is ELOS Medtech, a leading medical technology company with over 40 years of experience.

ELOS Medtech provides best-in-class products used to treat millions of patients annually. They take their responsibility to patients and customers seriously. Precision and quality matter immensely in medical technology, and ELOS Medtech's extensive R&D and manufacturing expertise enables them to produce titanium implant components to exacting micron-level tolerances.

ELOS Medtech's Global Product Manager, Kostas Zarras, explains that such precision is critical for implant success and longevity. The components must fit together seamlessly to withstand bite forces. 

You can learn more by watching this short video here.

ELOS Medtech has the digital technologies and calibrated processes to achieve the tight precision required. Their meticulous attention to detail and exacting tolerances create world-class medical technology products that integrate seamlessly into our digital workflows.

This level of accuracy and biocompatible materials is why Nexus Dental leverages ELOS Medtech's four decades of medical technology experience.

Building on our partnership with ELOS Medtech, our loaned analogue program demonstrates our commitment to supporting our clients. We supply high-quality analogues with each case to simplify billing. Due to their outstanding quality, we are able to carefully assess and reuse returned analogues. 

It also gives dentists time and energy to focus on patient care, reflecting our philosophy of partnering to support professionals.

These global partnerships enable Nexus to offer comprehensive digital dentistry solutions such as guided implant planning, 3D printing, and digital smile design. 

These eliminate unnecessary visits and chair time through streamlined workflows, benefitting our surgeon partners and their patients.

Above all, our partnerships enable Nexus Dental to achieve our mission of simplified digital integration and workflow excellence. We pioneer the future of dentistry through new solutions that help dental practices and patients worldwide.

Ultimately, we aim to transform digital dentistry from complex and cumbersome to intuitive and effortless. 

We want dental professionals to be able to focus on delivering fantastic care rather than wrestling with technology, and our strategic global partnerships pave the way forward on this journey.

We invite you to partner with us if you share our commitment to advancing dental care through collaboration and technology. 

Contact our team today to learn more about how our skilled team can help your practice offer superior patient outcomes!

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